1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Place an Order

Go to the Orders tab and select Place an Order.

3. Add Customer Info

Enter the customer information in the provided fields.

  • Contact Information
    Fill in the fields for the customer’s email address and phone number.
    NOTE: The email address used will be where the order confirmation and shipping details will be sent.
  • Date of Birth
    Enter the customer’s date of birth and verify their age by checking the box next to I have verified the age of this customer.
  • Delivery Options
    Choose either Customer will Pick Up or Ship to the Following Address.
    If Shipping: Fill in the shipping address if needed.

4. Products & Quantity

Select the products and quantity of each ordered and select Next.

  • NOTE: You can edit the the price, discount and packing charge can be changed if necessary. Click on the appropriate box and make the change.

  • NOTE: Discounts and packaging fees will not automatically be added so you will need to adjust those if they apply.

5. Shipping & Payments

  • Select the appropriate UPS shipping method or check the box for Free Shipping if you are paying for the shipping.
  • Enter the buyer’s card number, expiration date and CVC (security code).
  • Enter a billing address or check Same as shipping address.

6. Special Instructions

  • Add a Gift Note if the customer wishes to.
  • Add any special instructions if necessary for the warehouse. E.g., included club membership details.
  • NOTE: Both input fields have a 200 character limit.

7. Place the Order

  • When all sections are complete, click Place Order.
  • A copy of the receipt will be emailed to the customer.

8. Delay the Shipment?

By customer request or possibly due to inclement weather, you can delay shipping for an order.

  • Go to Orders and click on Order List.
  • Click Modify Order and then select Hold Until.
  • Select the requested date and click Save.
  • NOTE: Only applicable if the customer has requested a later/delayed ship date.