1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Add a New Product

  • Go to the Products tab and select Product List.
  • Click +New Product and select Wine.

3. Add Basic Information

  • Fill in the fields for the name, vintage, and a description of the product.
  • Use non-vintage where applicable.

4. Add a Product Image

  • The image should ideally be a 300 pixel square at 72dpi.
  • Click where it says Click here to upload your product image.
  • Either Drag the Image on to the upload box or click Browse to locate it on your computer.
  • Once the image displays inside the upload box you're done. You can close the modal by clicking off of it or on the purple X in the top right corner.
    NOTE: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SVG image formats are supported.

5. Add Listing Criteria

  • This information includes the place of origin, varietal, container size, and alcohol level.
  • The TTB COLA Label ID (typically a 14 digit number) must be entered here.
    NOTE: If a product is under 7% alcohol or if you don't have a COLA yet, enter 1234 as it will not have a TTB number.

    NOTE: All products are subject to approval prior to them going live on the site. This usually takes 24 hours or less.
  • If you use SKU’s to identify products, enter them now. 
  • When using a fulfillment facility, you will need to enter a SKU that matches with those used at the fulfillment facility.

6. Add Pricing Information

  • MSRP per Bottle
    The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.
  • Consumer Price per Bottle
    The price as it is listed on your site.
  • Allocation to VinoShipper
    The number of items available for sale.
  • Sell in Increments Of
    The increments by which this product can be added to the cart.
  • Product Minimum and Maximum
    The minimum and maximum number of products a customer can purchase.
  • Hide when Sold Out
    If checked, the product will be hidden when sold out. If unchecked the product will stay visible and say “Sold Out”.
  • Do Not List on Site
    If checked, the wine is only available through ‘Place an Order’ or a custom cart.
  • Exclude from Discounts
    If checked, any discounts you've created will never apply to this product.

7. Submit the Product

  • Click Submit to list the product.