If the UPS Label Has Been Printed:

  • Please contact Customer Service.
  • We will void the original label so you can modify the order and create a new label.

If the UPS Label Has NOT Been Printed:

1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Choose Order to Modify

  • Go to the Orders Tab and select All Orders.
  • Locate the order and click on the order number.
  • Click Modify Order and select Change Shipping.NOTE: You can also locate the order by going to Customers > Customer List, search for the customer’s name, click Order History, select the order number, and then click Modify Order.

3. Change the Shipping Address

  • Click on Change Address and select a previous address or Enter New Address.
  • Validate the address and click Next.

4. Complete the Shipping Change

  • Shipping & Packaging Details
    Select the necessary options and click Next.
    NOTE: Next will be grey until all sections are completed.
  • Review Changes
    As you review the changes, there is a comparison showing the cost of changes made. When you are happy with the change click Change Order.
    NOTE: The order number will now have an “A” at the end, and will increment to B, C etc. each time you modify the order.