1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Add a Club

  1. Go to the Clubs tab and select Club List.

  2. Click + New Club.
  3. Enter the Club Name and Club Descriptionclick Create.
  4. Select what discounts a club member will get or create a new discount. Click Save.
  5. Click Create.

NOTE: These are not for a club release, but rather for any purchase a club member makes beyond a club release.

3. Basic Club Details

  • Public Clubs
    Most clubs are open to the public to join. Unless you specify the club as PRIVATE, it will be public.

  • Private Club
    This type of club is not available for the general public to join. The administrator of the club must add and delete members.
    A private club can be used for friends, family, investors, VIPs, or any group for whom you give a special discount.

  • Member Benefits
    These are the benefits the members get if they purchase outside of the regular club releases through the shopping cart.

    NOTE: The benefits do not carry automatically to Club Releases.
    To add a discount, click Add Discount and then fill in the necessary information.

4. Add Members

  • Click Add Member.
  • Enter the member’s email address and click Add.
    NOTE: If the new member is an existing customer, as you enter their email address they will show as a Possible Match, click Add to a Club. Locate the correct club and click Add to Club.

  • Fill in the rest of the member’s information and click Continue.
  • Choose whether the member will pick up or have orders shipped to them.
  • Go to the Profile & Credit Card tab and enter the member’s credit card information.