Don't Use the Word Free

The word "Free", per Federal and State rules, cannot be used to entice a purchase. In our industry nothing can be provided that is "free" and so alternate wording should be used.

Be Aware

Shipping expenses are affected by many factors including destination, quantity, total cost, shipping type, and surcharges (which can change monthly). If you are looking to provide a benefit, complimentary shipping presents a risk to you as you never know the amount of the "discount" you are giving up.

There are several options between full and free shipping. Consider something like 20% off shipping, of $20.00 off shipping.

1. Sign in to Your Account

2. Set the Discount Type

  • Go to the Products tab and click Discounts.
  • Under Discountsselect the type of discount you want to use to receive complimentary shipping.
  • This example uses "Automatic Discounts" - Complete the criteria as requested and defined on the screen.

3. Set the Discount Criteria

Specify the criteria that will be required to receive complimentary shipping: 

  • In the General section of Discounts enter the Name of the discount.
  • Check the boxes for each criterion you would like to apply to the discount. Examples are to the right.

4. Define the Actual Discount

Specify the criteria that will be required to receive complimentary shipping.

  • Specify the Incentive as a Product Discount, a Shipping Discount, and/or Waive the Packaging Fee.
    • For Free Shipping select "Shipping Discount" and "Free Shipping"
  • Class of Shipping
    • Most discounts on shipping are limited to Ground Shipping. Customers may still choose any shipping option they want but if you specify UPS Ground, the FREE will not apply. This is another benefit of a flat discount like $20.00 off shipping. 
  • Packaging Fees
    • Identify if you are also waiving the packaging fee or if you still want a packaging fee applied.

5. Optional Advanced Features

Select if you want any Advance FeaturesNOTE:

  • You must have one or more shipping options selected otherwise paid shipping for your shopping cart will not work.
  • The actual shipping cost is deducted from the payment made to you.
  • There are MANY options between FREE and Full shipping rates.