1. Log in and Go to the Account menu. Select Team.
  2. Add the email address for the person you want to give access to and select SEND INVITE.
  3. They will receive an email invitation prompting them to create a password.
  4. Once created, they will have access!

The new team member will have access to add, review change orders, products, discounts, etc. The default setting will be set so that they cannot see the reports. If you would like that team member to have access to the dashboard and/or reports select one or both of the options in the box on the screen and SAVE. This can be updated at any time.

NOTE: Only the account manager can add additional team members.

Email Notifications

You can also add multiple employees to your email notifications list. They can be notified when you have new orders, new club members, product approvals, etc.

Go to the Email Notifications page under the Account tab and add employees to the applicable list.