There are many variables in factoring the actual shipping cost for an order. Though shipping representatives will provide a fee chart, the fact is that those fees don't include surcharges, which can change monthly.

Shipping Estimate

You can login and go to the Help tab and choose the Estimate Shipping link to estimate the shipping cost for an order. This is only an estimate until the full address can be provided.


For online orders, the actual shipping fees are provided for ground, 2nd or 3rd day air, and overnight options.

Shipping Varies By

  • Dollar value of the items being shipped.
  • The distance between the origin and destination.
  • Destination Type - residential or business address. City, countryside, etc.
  • The quantity of bottles being shipped (size of the box and weight of the shipment).
  • The shipping rate of overnight, 2nd or 3rd day air, or ground.

The shipping expense goes beyond the shipping rates as surcharges, like for all shipments, apply.