Create a Successful Club Program

Complimentary Class

Wine/Mead/Cider clubs are an important part of developing loyal customers and can also generate a valuable, recurring stream of sales.

Each month VinoShipper provides an online, complimentary class covering the best practices for club design, management and considerations for making your club program profitable.

We have over 20 years experience in direct to consumer wine club sales, dealing with all shapes and sizes and would like to share...

Who Is the Class For?

This class is meant for people who want to start new club programs as well as people with existing clubs which may be ready for an update.

What Will the Class Cover?

  • Designing your profitable club programs
  • Benefits & discounting
  • Policy reviews
  • Best practices in managing your clubs
  • Question and answers


The class is online, brought to you, right in your home or office.


The class varies in length but is usually about 90 minutes long, which includes a Q&A session.


This class is sponsored by VinoShipper at no cost to you. We welcome all members of your team.


Class size is limited so... Please contact customer service to get your invitation.