You Control the Discounts

Many wineries never use discounts and we are not encouraging you to do so. However, if you do, you are in control of how discounts can be applied and combined (stacked).

Three Types of Discounts

Automatic Discounts

Applied once an order quantity or dollar value is reached.

Club Discounts

Release Discounts are applied to club releases.

Club Member Purchases are applied to shopping cart purchases.


Applied through a Coupon Code you provide to customers and activated once coupon requirements are met. The shopper enters the code at checkout.

Discount Options

Discounts can be triggered and factored by the following options.

Minimum & Maximum order quantities can be set.

Dollar Value
A Minimum dollar value can be required.

Product Specific Discounts
Items can be included and excluded from an offer(s).

Discount Value
Choose between a percent of the sale or flat dollar amount discount.

Shipping Discounts

  • Flat Rate Shipping example: Make all 12 bottle orders ship for $22.00.
  • Percent Discount example: Order 12 bottles and save 20% off shipping.
  • Specified Dollar Value example: Order 12 bottles and save $10 off shipping.
  • Complimentary Shipping is paid for.

Packaging Fees

You can keep or waive this fee.

On the receipt, the packaging fee can now be combined with the shipping fee.

Stacked Discounts
Choose to combine (stack) an offer with other discounting options.

You still can specify Start and End Dates and Times discounts will be honored.

Stacking Discounts

Each Unique Club, Shopping Cart (automatic) and Coupon Offers can all be set independently (not combined with other offers) or stacked (Combined with other selected offers). Example: If you offer club members 10% off additional purchases and provide $10.00 off shipping of 9 or more bottles, you can choose to have the two offers applied to the single purchase, or not.

Customer Single Use Coupon

A coupon that is exclusive to a specific customer, which can be used once. Example: When a new member registers for your club, you may provide a “Welcome” coupon for them to receive a $15.00 discount on a purchase of $50 or more in the next 45 days.

Benefits of Unique Club Member Discounts

Each club can have its own unique discount. This means that people in your case club can have a different discount than people in the ½ case club, and so forth.

Tracking the Use of Discounts

New reports are in your account to easily track the use of each coupon & discount.

Discount Lookup
Offers are stored and can be “searched for” so you can review their details.

Customer Receipt
When a discount is applied, the discount name(s) will be on the receipt.

Simulator Validations

Coupons, club discounts, and volume discounts can be combined. Making sure you understand the sum of any combined discounts is key to you keeping the profit margin you need. As each offer is added you can test and see how it will be applied with the provided “simulator”. In your account, the simulator allows you to create sample orders and see the impact of your discounts. This allows you to be aware and in control of all offers.

Shopping Cart Sales

Discounts are automatically applied to sales made through the VinoShipper provided shopping cart. Every account includes at no extra cost a fully compliant shopping cart and club management tool. Please ask us about them is you are not using them.

Excluding States from Shipping Offers

You can now specify which states, if any, you would like to exclude from an offer.

Ground, 2nd & 3rd Day, and Overnight Shipments

By setting a minimum dollar value or bottle quantity, you allow the customer to select the speed of delivery, pay the extra cost for speedy delivery but they can still benefit from any shipping discount you offer. Everyone wins!

Setting Up New Discounts

All the options are under DISCOUNTS.

Make Your Discounts Work for You

  • Make your discount programs simple.
  • Know your profit margin so you understand the financial impact of your discounts.
  • Consider how a new discount will combine with existing discounts. From club member discounts to volume purchases and coupons.
  • If you positioned your products with more education, recipes, pairing, etc., could you generate the same loyalty and sales without a discount?
  • Do not say "Free Shipping". Free is the four letter of the industry. It isn't legal to use in any promotional way. You can use shipping included, paid shipping, or complementary. Just don't use Free.
  • Protect your brand by not over-discounting your product. Do you want a bargain basement product or premium brand?
  • Bargain hunters are not necessarily the most loyal customers.
  • If you are offering discounts, they should be a part of your overall business plan.

To Discount or Not to Discount

Discounting is a challenging subject as most small businesses cannot compete with the discounts of big box stores. But you can compete with personality, education and a great experience!  Know the goals of each offer. Are you trying to reach new customers, clear inventory, increase loyalty, etc.

On the Downside

A discount can degrade the product's perceived value. It may teach customers to delay future orders until another discount is offered.  Additionally, discounts do not attract the most "loyal" of customers.

On the Upside

Discounts can generate the sales you need to keep your doors open for business or move product out the door to clear space. It all depends. Discounts may increase sales and it's important to consider your entire pricing model before one or more discount is offered. Did you set your prices to be profitable when you apply the offer(s)?