Notifications are sent to customers which include your logo and contact information to keep customers apprised of their order status, shipping, and club membership.


Email notifications are sent to customers in the following situations:

  1. Online New Member Registration: When a new member registers online from your website, they will be emailed a confirmation of registration.
  2. Order confirmation: when any sales, club, online and through PLACE AN ORDER, is completed; aka a receipt.
  3. Failed payment: During the club process, members who have failed credit cars will receive a one-time use link providing them immediate access to their profile so they can quickly update and provide billing & shipping details. 
  4. Shipping:
    • 1st and 2nd Failed Delivery Attempt: When a package is shipped, hey receive notice that their package is on the way. The email includes the order number and shipping tracking number
    • Failed Delivery Attempts:  Each time a delivery fails, an email is sent to the email which was in the order.
    • 3rd and Final Delivery Attempt: This notification provides details as to how the package can be picked up, the time frame in which the recipient has to pick up the package, and confirms the package will be returned if it is not picked up.

On Demand

Email notifications are sent to customers when you log in to your account and select to send the email in the following situations:

  1. Club Member Profile Update - BATCH: You can go into each club and select to send a BATCH but personalized email to all members in that club. It will include an updated link that is unique for each member to use once, allowing them access to their profile to update payment and profile information.
  2. Club Member Profile Update - Individual:  Within each club profile you can select to create a unique link for that member and you can email that link within your own personal email you send.