A Club Release isn't possible unless you are offering Products. There are two sections to add products: The Club Manager's Selection and Optional Add-Ons.

Club Manager's Selection 

The planned products that are offered to all Club Members for this particular release

Optional Add-Ons

The products a Club Member can either replace or add on to the planned release

Club Manager's Selection

The Club Manager's Selection is where you select the products you're offering. 

  • Use this section if you define all the contents of the order but still allow members to add or change the quantity of each bottle, within the manager’s defined selection. 
  • Even if you are allowing customers to change their orders, you will be required to define a full release so that there is a default selection in place for members who are happy and choose not to respond. 
  • Members who do not customize their order will receive the Club Manager's Selection.

Add Product

Will display your current product list from which you can select items for the release.

Exclude from Discount

Select if you don't want this product to be discounted.

Customer can Change Quantity

Maximum: Defines the greatest quantity a member can add to their club order.

Minimum: Defines the minimum quantity the member can add to their club order. 

Quantity Box 

(Just above “Remove")

This field sets your recommendation. 1 bottle is always listed but nothing will be added from this section until the member adds the item.