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Packages are getting returned to the sender far too often because they were sent as a gift, the receiver wasn’t home to sign, or the package was sent to the incorrect address. We want all of your customers to enjoy your products but in order to do so, we need to ensure that they actually receive their orders.

Confirm the Contact Information

The number one way to do so is to make sure the customer’s email address is correct. UPS will contact them when:

  1. the order is shipped
  2. the package is out for delivery
  3. the package has been delivered


  4. in the case of any shipping issues

If UPS does not have the correct email address, your customer will not receive any notifications. It is critical that you ensure the customer's email address is correct.

Even if the order is being sent as a gift, the recipient can also receive notifications. Their email or phone number just needs to be added to the order. It’s not a surprise to the gift recipient if the package doesn’t arrive!

To Add a Second Contact for an Order

In your account, go to Orders – Open Shipments and click on the correct order. Next to Order Followers, click +Add, choose text, or email, and input their contact information.

Here are a few other ways to make sure your customers receive their orders and to eliminate return shipping:

Confirm the Delivery Address

It is worth confirming the delivery address is correct and the recipient knows a person over 21 years old needs to be available to sign for the package.

Use UPS Access Points

UPS Access Points can significantly increase successful deliveries. If the recipient isn’t generally home during delivery hours, a UPS Access Point is the solution!

If the customer would like to send their order to a UPS Access Point, modify their order and choose Change Shipping. Select Keep Current Address and then click Set UPS Access Point. There will then be a list of access points near their original shipping address.

Reach Out to Your Customers

We send an email notification to you on the third failed delivery. We highly recommend reaching out to your customers at this time. Give them a call, send them a text or an email, to let them know that you want them to receive their products and you do not want them to incur return and reshipping fees.

These notifications will be sent to the email address under Customer Service in your account. Make sure that is the correct email and that it is well monitored.