WINDSOR, Calif., July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A milestone of growth and proof there is a need for a simple solution to manage compliant sales across the country, for small to medium wine producers.

In 2020 the number of small producers turning to Vinoshipper for help from all fifty states soared. No longer a choice but a necessity, small to medium-sized producers of wine, cider & mead recognized the need to develop sales beyond the tasting rooms and took their sales online to ensure they could remain in business and not furlough staff.

As traditional trade sales dried up due to retailer and restaurant closures caused by COVID-19 and tasting rooms were forced to close, the ability to sell direct became the lifeline for many small producers. Vinoshipper's recognition and support of the small producer to ensure they maintain compliance, taxes are collected and paid, and online buyers are of age has been key to the growth of these producers.

Selling wine products across the country demands an affordable solution to comply with each state's unique set of regulations and taxes. The expense to manage compliance is high and procedures are challenging. There are approximately 3,500 sales tax rates covering a range of 2.7 million zip codes, creating a huge hurdle for any small to medium producers. This results in producers limiting sales to their local market and putting their business at risk of not remaining viable, especially when wholesalers continue to cut the lines they carry.

Clients say that working with Vinoshipper kept their teams employed and businesses operating.

"2020 was quite the year," said Phil Long of Longevity Wines "Our survival was dependent on us pivoting to virtual tastings with folks all over the country after our tasting room was closed. We would not have been able to facilitate those tastings without the help of Vinoshipper."

Phil Long, as President of the Association of African American Vintners also noted "with the focus on the BLM movement, a list of 60 black-owned brands went viral on social media. We experienced more online orders in the first two weeks of June 2020, than we experienced in the entire year of 2019. This again would not have been possible without Vinoshipper."

Producers want to focus on what they do best, make great wine, mead and cider. That is what Vinoshipper enables them to do. "It is a win-win for everyone," said Steven Harrison, CEO of Vinoshipper. "Producers remain in business by having an affordable solution to expand their brand's reach across the country and ensuring the buying community has the full choice they deserve. Keeping small agriculture businesses growing by allowing them to compete, and level the playing field using Direct-to-Consumer sales is an essential part of their business strategy."

States benefit as well, Vinoshipper ensures regulatory compliance rules are followed, taxes are collected, and paid, businesses grow, and consumers of age receive the products they want. States benefit directly from their producers bringing both employment and taxes to the state and the growth and expansion in related hospitality businesses. For example, the impact of wine-related tourism contributed $893.6 million in revenues to the Oregon economy in 2019, supporting 8,600 jobs and over $270 million in wages specific to wine-related travel in Oregon.

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Vinoshipper, based in California, provides software to manage direct-to-consumer compliance, shopping carts, and club management solutions to help small to medium size wine, mead, and cider producers to compete on a national basis and expand the reach of their brands.

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