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We’re delighted to tell you Vinoshipper is now fully integrated with Pix, “the world's first wine discovery platform”.

The Pix team has created a video explaining some more about Pix, what it is, what it does, and how it connects you to wine lovers.

It costs nothing to join Pix and list your wines and it costs nothing for wine lovers to use it. When a wine lover finds your wine, they simply click through to you to buy. You keep all the margin on the sale as well as the customer details.

To list your wines on Pix

  1. Contact and let us know you would like to activate the connection to Pix.
  2. Once we activate Pix on your account, go to Products - Shopping Carts and look for the Pix cart. This will have your current products that will be shared with Pix. None of your hidden products will be listed.
  3. You can add or remove products from this listing.
  4. When you add a new product to your Vinoshipper account, you will need to add it to the Pix cart to be shared with them. It is not automated at this time.

Wine producers always have the top, highlighted listing for free. And you’ll be identified as the producer of the wine in all listings, even if your wine is also available in 3-Tier distribution. Next year the Pix team will add keyword sponsored listings, so you can promote the wines you want, to the audiences you’d like to reach.

There’s certainly been some attention around Pix and here are a few articles about the platform, and their online publication The Drop.