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Stripe™ periodically releases reader software updates, which can include improvements and required security updates. These software updates must be applied on each reader using the Vinoshipper Mobile App on its connected device.

Required reader software updates are automatically applied during the card reader connection process. Optional reader software updates can be deferred, but will become required updates if not installed by a certain date.

Please follow the instructions below to manually apply a reader software update.


  1. From the Vinoshipper Mobile App, navigate to Settings.
  2. If an update is available for the connected card reader, the card reader appears on the Settings screen with an Update Available status.
  3. Tap the card reader's serial number on the Settings screen to view more details.
  4. If a software update is available for the reader, tap Update Available to initiate the reader software update.
  5. The Vinoshipper Mobile App displays information regarding update progress and the device is prevented from locking while the update is in progress.
    • Please do not navigate away from the Vinoshipper Mobile App while a card reader software update is in progress.
    • Keep the reader in range and powered on until the update is complete.
  6. Once the update completes successfully, you are returned to the Settings screen where the card reader now appears with a Connected status.

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