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The Vinoshipper Mobile App's personal identification number (PIN) screen settings can be configured per device. PIN screen settings include the following:

  • Idle timeout. The number of minutes the app can remain idle before it will lock and revert to the PIN screen.
  • Auto-lock after each transaction. When on, this will cause the app to lock and revert to the PIN screen when a transaction, such as an order placement, is completed.

Please follow the instructions below to change your device's PIN screen settings.


  1. From the Vinoshipper Mobile App, navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap PIN Screen.
  3. By default, the idle timeout will be set to 2 minutes. Tap Idle timeout if you wish to change the idle timeout setting for this device.
  4. By default, auto-lock after each transaction will be enabled. If you wish to disable this setting for this device, tap the Auto-lock after each transaction toggle.

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