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Senate Bill 620 by Senator Ben Allen, which proposes to permanently allow craft distilled spirits and beer to be shipped directly to consumers into and within California, passed its first legislative hurdle on January 11th.

The bill goes before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, January 18th and so we are asking both consumers and craft distilleries & breweries to reach out to their local representatives and let them know of your support.

You can register your support here –, it will only take a minute of your time.

You can help! - The greater success the craft producers have, the greater the impact on their local communities & state. As these producers thrive, visitors come to restaurants, hotels, stores, and businesses as a whole, benefit. Having the ability for distilleries & brewers to ship directly to consumers, also provides consumers with direct access to craft products that would never make it to the retail store shelves.

Craft producers will struggle to create new products, market, and reach new and existing customers without this. Being dependent on walk-in foot traffic to their tasting room limits their ability to succeed. During COVID-19, doors were closed, so shipping their products to consumers was the only way they stayed alive. They should continue to have this privilege.

Senate Bill 620 is a commonsense measure that allows safe and responsible Direct To Consumer sales of spirits and beer and we encourage craft producers to make their voice heard and help pass this vitally important measure. Industry supporters are encouraged to register support with the California Senate, and consider the following points:

  1. DTC spirits and beer shipping helped save California businesses and jobs during the pandemic.
  2. Governor Newsom’s administration approved DTC shipping of spirits and beer in March 2020 as an economic recovery measure that created a lifeline for small businesses. It proved to be safe and responsible. The state recently granted an extension until March 31, 2022.
  3. The wine industry has been shipping their products directly to consumers since 1987 and has worked for decades to successfully develop a safe and responsible system.
  4. Pete Downs, President of The Family Winemakers of California spoke in support of SB 620 as a measure that will help small producers that may not otherwise survive without access to DTC shipping.
  5. The Three-Tier System is essential for the safe distribution of alcohol products, but it must be modernized and improved to ensure markets are fair and competitive for craft products.

The use of a DTC e-commerce platform, such as Vinoshipper, enables regulators and the industry to greatly enhance: 1. Age-Verification 2. Licensing and Compliance 3. Tax Calculation and Collection and 4. Auditability and Delivery Tracking.

You can also directly contact Senator Ben Allen’s office at, at the State Capitol, Room 6610, 1021 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, or online at to express your support for this measure.

Thank you for helping.

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