Adrienne Harrison

Vinoshipper Acquires CompleteDTC

Creates First Comprehensive Management Solution for DTC Businesses

Windsor, CA, May 3, 2022 — Vinoshipper, the clear leader in direct sales and compliance, has acquired CompleteDTC, the best-of-breed solution for operating and managing direct-to-consumer winery and craft beverage businesses.

Each company was formed to address fundamental issues faced by DTC businesses. Vinoshipper concentrated on the problem of selling to consumers nationwide without running afoul of the constantly evolving compliance and shipping requirements, while CompleteDTC was focused on creating an unequalled system for establishing, maintaining, and mining meaningful relationships with those same consumers.

“We’d been aware of one another for some time,” says Steven Harrison, co-founder and CEO of Vinoshipper. “We were exploring ways to collaborate when it became clear that the right answer was to join forces to give DTC businesses the first truly comprehensive solution.”

Ridgely Evers, founder and CEO of CompleteDTC, adds, “Vinoshipper shares our passion for making users more successful. And as we spent time together, we were delighted to discover how fundamentally complimentary our solutions – and our cultures – are.”

Evers, who led the creation of QuickBooks, has guided the development of CompleteDTC based on real world experience building a very successful direct-to-consumer winery from scratch. He and his team have thoughtfully woven together all of the many tools and processes required — ecommerce, reservations, club management, POS, CRM, multi-location inventory management, QuickBooks integration, powerful Marketing Wizard, and more — into a single, seamless system.

By merging the two systems together, the companies have created an unparalleled offering that already serves by far the largest number of wineries in the industry. “Until now, every producer – regardless of size – has been forced to weave together multiple solutions. But with the combination of Vinoshipper and CompleteDTC, now even the smallest producer will be able to deploy a single solution to manage their DTC business end-to-end, and turn their attention to what they do best,” said Harrison.

The first phase of the integration, which will roll out in Q4 2022, will add Vinoshipper’s legendary state compliance capabilities along with easy compliance management in 44 states, plus shipping rates otherwise only available to the very largest producers. Further integration will follow as part of a rich roadmap that includes serving DTC businesses across a growing number of industries.

Both companies have focused on leveraging their size to negotiate with third-party services to bring down producers’ costs, a pattern they expect to accelerate going forward. “Individual producers have no leverage,” said Evers. “But working on their behalf, we do. It levels their playing field.”

“I am also very excited to welcome Ridgely to our Board of Directors,” said Harrison. “Ridgely is a veteran entrepreneur who has been CEO of companies in the software, real estate, investment, online media, and consumer products industries. And he brings real-world expertise in what it takes for a DTC business to succeed.” 

About Vinoshipper

Vinoshipper is a purchase-to-delivery compliance, tax, and e-commerce platform that gives wineries, distilleries, and other beverage producers the ability to sell directly to consumers while navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance and tax collection in real time. Every sale through the platform is guaranteed to be compliant.

The company facilitates the expansion of direct sales across the United States for small and medium-sized producers and gives consumers more variety and brands to choose from. This helps create open and fair competition by removing barriers for independent businesses.

With more than 16 years of continual development and reinvestment in the platform since it was launched in 2006, Vinoshipper is now the market leader in both compliance and business software for companies selling direct to consumer.

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