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Can I use Vinoshipper in my tasting room or is it only for online sales?

Vinoshipper can be used anywhere! We have an online version as well as a Mobile POS for iPad/iPhones. The Place an Order feature is as simple as tapping which items should go in the cart and charging for the order. Vinoshipper can be used for shipping orders or for orders that are taken directly from the tasting room at the time of sale. We are so much more than a compliance company!

Do you have club management software?

Yes! Vinoshipper has a robust club management and batch processing program. You can select what products the members receive and if they can customize their orders. The club management program has a number of features including a sign-up form you can place on your website, the ability to have multiple clubs (including Private Clubs), gift memberships, and club customization options. We offer several classes throughout the year about how to run a successful club.

What states can Vinoshipper ship to? 

Vinoshipper can sell and ship to all states except Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. There are four states that require label registration and/or extra contracts. Those states are Connecticut, Michigan, Montana, and New Jersey. Our compliance team can send you information about opening those states if you are interested.

How do I know when an order is placed? What do I do?

When a customer completes their purchase, our system will send a notification to you via email. You can also check through your portal to see if you have any open orders. When you receive an order, login to your account and print out the packing slip and UPS label. Pack up the order and affix the label to the box. Once the order is ready to go, schedule a UPS Pick Up through our system. UPS will come directly to you (at no extra cost) and pick up the order.

Who pays taxes and files state shipping reports?

We are responsible for collecting, paying, and reporting the sales taxes and excise taxes in the states in which we sell. If the producer has its own licenses, then we provide all compliance and ecommerce transaction details as they relate to those orders. Since 2019 we are considered a Marketplace Facilitator in 36 states. In those states, irrespective of who is the seller of the product, we will collect and remit the sales tax directly to the state. We provide you with the reporting for these sales.

I already have a POS system; can I use that to place orders or do I have to use your system?

To ensure every order is compliant and to track shipments, all orders must be placed through the Vinoshipper platform. Some producers use a combination of their current system for tasting room/to-go orders and use Vinoshipper for shipping orders. Other producers find it easier to only use one system and migrate everything over to Vinoshipper. Vinoshipper integrates with CompleteDTC. We do not integrate with any other POS systems or eCommerce shopping carts.

What is the Trademark and Production agreement for?

When you work with Vinoshipper, we are the ones selling the product in some states. The Trademark Agreement allows us to license the trademark and produce the product. The Production Agreement allows us to subcontract the production to the producer - akin to a custom crush agreement. When in place, these agreements allow us to be the seller of the brand and we sell and ship the product to the states we are licensed in.

What reports does Vinoshipper offer?

We have several reports available for our producers. In addition to compliance and tax reports, we have sales history, customer lists, club sales, product performance, abandoned cart, discount performance, and top customers. All our reports can be downloaded in Excel format for ease of use.

Your sales and payment information are available anytime through the Sale History page on your account. Producers receive daily settlements utilizing Stripe Connect.

What happens if an order is damaged or lost during shipment?

We will handle that for you! If a customer receives a package that was damaged during transit, or if the package gets lost, our customer service team will place a replacement order. We handle filing any claims with UPS, you don’t have to worry about doing a thing.

I already have a UPS account; do I need to use yours? Can I use FedEx or GSO?

Orders placed through the Vinoshipper platform must be shipped through the Vinoshipper provided UPS account. Vinoshipper links with UPS in real time so the correct shipping charges are applied to the order, and it is our way of tracking orders for delivery and compliance. It also allows customers to select from over 9,000 Access Points for easy delivery. We do not currently ship through any other providers. You also get the benefit of reduced shipping rates through our account.

How do I get the shopping cart on my website?

Once you have signed up, you will have access to the Integration page on your account where you can get the code for the shopping cart. You will place this code on your website.

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