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Vinoshipper allows for the use of multiple brands in your account. This is ideal for when you have a new branded product that is not the same as your main producer brand. You may create a canned product line or a cider line of products in addition to your main offering for example.

If you only have one brand, you do not need to create a new brand - it is only for secondary brands. If you want your brands to be on separate pages on your site and not to have the brands with a mixed listing, you will set up a brand for each line of product lines.

The catalog used for these brands is branded accordingly.

The statement description on the credit card of the buyer reflects the brand name as well.

To Set Up Brands:

  1. Sign In
  2. Go to ACCOUNTS
  4. Add New Brand and follow the steps to set up your new brand. The logo used, will appear on the Vinoshipper hosted catalog page, shopping cart, and receipt.

When you add a new product under PRODUCTS - PRODUCT LIST - ADD NEW you will see a drop-down list that allows you to select the brand the product belongs to.

Once added, go to PRODUCTS - PRODUCT CATALOGS and you will see a new cart that contains the branded product. You can get the catalog code and add this to a new page on your website.

If you do not want these products to show up in your main catalog (Default Catalog), you will need to create your main brand in the same way and allocate all the other products to your main brand and deploy the code for that catalog.

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