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Create a New Shopping Cart

  1. Go to the PRODUCTS tab and select SHOPPING CARTS.
  2. Click +NEW CART.

Customize Shopping Cart

  1. Cart Name
    Create a descriptive name for the cart and click SAVE
  2. Add Products
    Click ADD PRODUCTS TO CART and choose the products you want to add to the shopping cart from the AVAILABLE PRODUCTS list.

NOTE: A product will display on a custom shopping cart even if it's set to don't list on site. A product set to don't list on site will not display on your default shopping cart.

Add Custom Shopping Cart to Your Website

  1. Click SHOW CODE
  2. Copy and paste the provided HTML into your own website.

NOTE: You can add these carts to hidden pages accessible to club members only or for special offers.

NOTE: Custom Cart webpages aka custom cart URLs, may be found by Google. They will not be found just by creating a custom cart URL, but if the winery puts that cart on a page indexed by Google or links to it from a page indexed by Google it can be found

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