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Sales History

The sales history report provides all details of your orders.
This refers to completed orders and not orders which are pending and need to be fulfilled.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the REPORTS tab.
  3. Then go to the SALES HISTORY tab.

Date Range

  1. Select Date Range. To do so, click on the date in the top left and select the month, year, and day.
  2. Use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons at the bottom of the list to see more orders for the selected dates.

Excel Exports

You can export the Sales History reports to Excel (located under the date range selection) and see the full details in an Excel spreadsheet. 

  1. Select EXPORT TO EXCEL to see the Sales History report by sale for the date range selected.
    1. Tab one provides details for each sale – including buyer information, ship-to details, taxes, fees, and tip amount included on the order.
      1. Filter the 'Sold By' column to view only rows with the value 'Producer' in order to see sales made under your winery permits.
      2. The 'Sold By Team Member' column indicates which team member was attributed the sale, if applicable.
    2. Tab two includes sales values by product ID.
    3. Tab three includes sales values by multi-pack ID.
  2. Select BY PRODUCT to see the Product Performance report, which lists sales by product for the date range selected.
    1. Tabs one and two provide details for each sale by product – including buyer information, ship-to details and taxes.
      1. Tab one includes information for all states.
      2. Tab two includes information for your home state.
    2. Tab three includes sales values by product ID.
    3. Tab four includes sales values by multi-pack ID.

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