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Where Can I Get Details of My Payments?

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the REPORTS tab and click PAYMENT STATEMENTS.
  3. Find the payment statement you're looking for. Statements are listed by date.

    NOTE: The Payment Statements page will show all statements for the current year. To look at statements from previous years, select the year in the top right corner.
  4. Download the payment statement in either PDF or EXCEL format.

Payment Statement — Line-Item Description

An explanation of each line item on the payment statement:

  • Sale Amount: The net sale proceeds of products sold i.e. after discount
  • Winery Paid Taxes: Tax collected from the customer, remitted to the producer. Payable to appropriate State Dept.
  • Packaging: Packaging fee collected from the customer. Determined by producer
  • Handling Fee / Packaging Credit: Corresponding amounts that offset to give Zero. In compliance with Federal requirements.
  • Local Delivery: Delivery charge collected from the customer. Determined by the producer.
  • Pick Pack Fees: Charge by the warehouse for fulfillment service (if used)
  • VS Fees: Vinoshipper fees charged
  • Other Fees: Additional contracted services (if used)
  • Credit Applied: Producer option to add/use credit to customer accounts. Producer’s use of credit
  • Shipping: Cost of shipping to be paid by the producer when the full shipping cost is not collected from the customer
  • Tips: Tip amount collected from the customer, remitted to the producer.
    NOTE: The SALES HISTORY Excel export indicates the tip amount per sale as well as the team member attributed to each sale, if applicable.

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