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These are orders placed by staff members and are referenced in reports as an INTERNAL sale.

Navigate to Place an Order

Go to the ORDERS tab and select PLACE AN ORDER. A list of available products will display. You can filter by product type in the top left corner.

Select the Products & Quantities

Click on the product(s) you want to be added to the order. Each time you click on an item, it will increase the quantity of the item in the cart by 1.

  • Look at the column on the right of the screen to see what is in the order.
    1. Selecting the item in the cart from the column on the right side of the screen will also allow you to:
      • Change the quantity
      • Delete the product from the order
      • Exclude it from a discount
  • Click SAVE to apply the changes.
    NOTE: Discounts and packaging fees will automatically be applied.

Add Custom Discounts

If you would like to add custom discounts, choose ADJUST DISCOUNTS.
NOTE: Creating a custom discount will remove the automatically applied discounts.

  2. Choose Custom Discount, No Discount, or any discount that has already been created.
    • If you choose Custom Discount:
      1. Choose the discount type (percent or dollar amount), if applicable
      2. Choose a shipping discount type, if applicable
      3. Pick Standard Packaging Fee or Custom Packaging Fee
  3. Click Save.

If you like to delete the custom discount, click USE DEFAULT DISCOUNT.

Add Customer (optional)

If the customer exists in your account, select CUSTOMER LOOKUP and enter the name or email address of the buyer to find the customer.
NOTE: This is optional. If the customer does not exist in your account, you will have the option to add a customer during checkout.

Attribute Order to a Team Member

By default, the sale will be attributed to the current user. If you would like to attribute the sale to a different team member, select SOLD BY and enter the name or email address to find the team member.

Proceed to Checkout

When you have all the items in the cart as you want them, select CHECKOUT.

Customer Details

Continue as Guest (if applicable) or add the Customer Details: Name, Email, Phone Number, and Date of Birth
NOTE: The email address used will be where the order confirmation and shipping details will be sent.

Guest checkout is available if the cart contains only products and no club memberships. Guest checkout can only be used for pickup orders.

Order Destination

Delivery Options: Choose either ENTER ADDRESS or CUSTOMER WILL PICK UP.
If Shipping: Select an existing address or fill in the shipping address.

Checkout Screen

Buyer Information:

  1. (Optional) Add a Gift Note if the customer wishes.
  2. (Optional) Add a Winery Note if necessary.

Shipping Address:

  1. (Optional) Ship to UPS Access Point: Select a location close to the desired delivery point. Locations, days & hours of operation are displayed with each option. Select the option you want.

Shipping Class:

  1. Select from ground, 1, 2, or 3 day options.
  2. (Optional) Adjust Shipping Cost: If you want to give a shipping discount, choose to create a custom discount and add the shipping discount of your choice.
  3. (Optional) Hold Until: If you want the order shipped at a later date, enter the date you want the order shipped. Example: If the customer wants you to hold the order or the weather conditions are not right, you can set a Hold Until date.


  1. (Optional) Select the tip amount requested by the customer. Choose from three tip percentage options or enter a custom tip amount.
    NOTE: See TIP CONFIGURATION for details on setting tip options.

Credit Card:

  1. Select "Enter Credit Card" and enter the billing information. For the billing address, if it is available, select "Use Existing Address".

After order details are confirmed and the payment information is added select CHARGE (in the lower right corner of the screen) and the card will be charged.

Hold the Shipment - if an order has already been processed

By customer request or possibly due to inclement weather, you can delay shipping for an order.

  1. Go to ORDERS and click on OPEN SHIPMENTS.
  2. Select the order you want to change and click MODIFY ORDER and then select HOLD UNTIL.

  3. Select the requested date and click SAVE.

NOTE: Only applicable if the customer has requested a later/delayed ship date.

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