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Vinoshipper can now sync to your existing Mailchimp account.
To connect your Vinoshipper account to Mailchimp:

Sign in to Your Account

Go to Account

Go to Integrations

  1. From here you will see a Mailchimp icon.
  2. Click on the Mailchimp icon and you will be directed to a page with a CONNECT button – Click CONNECT.
  3. A new page will open asking you to log into your existing MailChimp account.
  4. Enter your Mailchimp credentials to log in.
  5. Authorize Vinoshipper by clicking ALLOW.
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    Your Vinoshipper account and your Mailchimp account are now connected.
  6. If you have multiple Mailchimp audiences, you will be asked to specify which audience you would like your Vinoshipper account to sync into from a drop-down menu.
  7. You will now see a page that shows you have Vinoshipper connected to your MailChimp account. This will automatically sync your contacts and product information into MailChimp.
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Below are some links to additional Mailchimp documentation and assistance.

Marketing Opt-In Field

When customers are signing up for a club, there is now an opt-in field where they can choose if they would like to receive any marketing materials. Regardless of their choice, they will still receive all transactional emails regarding their wine club and order information directly from Vinoshipper.

This will be reflected directly on the customer's profile in your Vinoshipper account.