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VinNOW Integration

VinNOW is a POS, club, and tasting room solution for sales (

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Click on Account

Go to Integrations in Dropdown Menu

  1. Click on the VinNOW export tool which will produce an Excel document that can be imported into VinNOW.

    The following fields are included in the EXPORT/IMPORT:
Import IDZipPhone10Total Tax
Data SourceCountryRecipientName11Shipper
VersionEmailAddress112Ship Amount
External Order KeyAddress TypeCity13Payment Amount
External Customer KeyRecipientName2State14Payment Type
First NameAddress13Zip15Compliance Status
Last NameCity4Country16Product ID
Recipient NameZip6AddressType18Unit
CityEmail8Order DateExtended Price
StateAddressType9Order Total Amount

Vinoshipper Exports to VinNOW

All product ID numbers in Vinoshipper must be exact matches to the VinNOW product ID numbers.

  1. Go to Account and then Select INTEGRATIONS from the drop-down menu.
  2. From INTEGRATIONS you will navigate to the VinNOW icon and click on it.

    REMINDER: All product ID numbers in Vinoshipper must be exact matches to the VinNOW product ID numbers.
  3. Select CREATE NEW EXPORT FILE. A file will be created.


  1. Create a VinNOW User called Vinoshipper with a Sales ID of Vinoshipper.
  2. In the Setup Menu, go to VinNOW FILES > PAYMENT TYPE and then ACTIVATE the payment type Vinoshipper.

    NOTE: The above two steps will only need to be done one time Prior to doing the import, make a backup of VinNOW via your file menu backup option in case there is an issue with the import.

  3. In the VinNOW File Menu, select IMPORT XML DATA.
    Click on the SET OPTIONS button and set them as:
    Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

  4. Click on OK to return to the import screen.
  5. Click on the right of the Data File box to browse for the Vinoshipper data file.
    Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

  6. Once you have the correct data file selected click IMPORT.
    Graphical user interface, text, application, Word

Description automatically generated

  7. Once the orders have been imported, they will appear on the XML Import Transaction Log report.
    Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated


  • Internal Note will contain the web order date
  • The order status will be TO BE SHIPPED
  • Order Type will be WEB ORDER
  • Sales Person will be VINOSHIPPER
  • Payment type will be VINOSHIPPER