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The Vinoshipper Mobile App uses Stripe™ (specifically Stripe Terminal) for collecting in-person payments, along with the Stripe Reader M2 mobile card reader. Please contact us for instructions on obtaining a Stripe Reader M2 card reader.

What you'll need

  • Reader. This is what you will present to the customer for chip (insert the card to read the EMV chip or tap for contactless card payments), mobile wallets (such as Apple Pay), or swipe (swipe the magnetic stripe through the underside of the reader).
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable. This cable can be used to charge the reader directly or to keep the reader charged via the optional dock. Note: The USB port is only for charging, and does not work for connecting the reader to a device — the reader must be connected to the Vinoshipper Mobile App via Bluetooth.

Connect card reader

Follow these steps in the order shown to connect your reader.

  1. Charge the reader. Connect the charging cable to the reader and charge it for two hours before initial use. Please use the charging cable provided in the reader box. Press and release the power button once to see the current charge status.
    • See Card reader FAQ for more details on understanding charge status.
    • We recommend recharging the reader at the end of each day.
  2. Turn on the reader. Press and release the power button. The status LEDs turn on and the reader beeps twice. The reader waits five minutes for a Bluetooth connection before automatically shutting off.
  3. Pair with the Vinoshipper Mobile App. Confirm that your iOS device's Bluetooth and Location Services are turned on. Do not pair the reader using the iOS device's Bluetooth settings menu. Instead, pair it using the Vinoshipper Mobile App itself.
    1. From the Vinoshipper Mobile App, navigate to Settings.
    2. Tap Connect Card Reader.
    3. The app displays instructions for finding the 6-digit Bluetooth passcode on the back of the reader. Tap Continue.
    4. If prompted, allow the Vinoshipper Mobile App to use Bluetooth. Bluetooth is required for connecting the iOS device to the reader.
    5. If prompted, enter the 6-digit Bluetooth passcode on the back of the reader.
    6. Hold the reader next to your iOS device while it is scanning for readers.
    7. Once the reader is found, tap Connect.
    8. If the reader requires an immediate software update, the update is automatically applied during the card reader connection process. The Vinoshipper Mobile App displays information regarding the update progress and the device is prevented from locking while the update is in progress. The connection process does not continue until the required update has been applied successfully.
      • Please do not navigate away from the Vinoshipper Mobile App while a card reader software update is in progress.
      • Keep the reader in range and powered on until the update is complete.
    9. If prompted, allow the Vinoshipper Mobile App to use your location while using the app. Location access is required in order to accept payments.
    10. Once the reader is connected, dismiss the Card Reader Connected sheet.
  4. Confirm the reader is paired. When the reader is connected to a device running the Vinoshipper Mobile App, the status LEDs on top of the reader flash 4 times.
    • Note: After connecting, the first status LED will begin flashing at 5-second intervals. The reader will stay connected to your iOS device while in standby and automatically exits standby mode when you resume activity. Once the reader is connected it will automatically turn off after 10 hours of inactivity. To turn the reader off manually, press and hold the power button for four seconds. You don’t need to turn off the reader to conserve power.
  5. You're now ready to collect a payment.

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