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Vinoshipper has email notification tools that allow you to direct emails to a specific email address(es).

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Go to Notifications

You will see a few different notification types: Customer Service, New Orders Received and Orders, Wine Approved, Low Inventory, Payment Sent, and New Club Members.

  1. Add an Email
    Within each section, click +ADD EMAIL, enter the email address and click SAVE.
  2. Delete an Email
    To delete an email address, click the red trashcan. Each category must have at least one email address.
  3. Turn off Notifications
    To turn off a specific type of notification, click the toggle next to the notification type. This is not possible for Customer Service or New Order Received and Order Cancelled notifications.

Notification Types

Customer Service
This email will be notified when club members reach out. Only one email can be specified here.

New Order Received and Orders Canceled
This email will be notified of orders coming in and orders being canceled. Vinoshipper will contact this email about issues with orders.

Wine Approved
When you submit a product that needs COLA, this email will be notified once a product is approved.

Low Inventory
This email will be notified when you are running low on a product.

Payment Sent
This email will be notified that Vinoshipper has issued a payment.

New Club Members
This email will receive a notification when club members sign up.

NOTE: To see a list of emails sent to customers, click here.

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