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Add a New Product

  1. Go to the PRODUCTS and select PRODUCT LIST.
  2. Click +NEW PRODUCT and select ALCOHOL.

Add Basic Information

  1. Fill in the fields for the name, vintage, and description of the product.
  2. Use non-vintage where applicable.

Add a Product Image

  1. The image should ideally be a 300-pixel square and 72 dpi.
  2. Click where it says CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE.
  3. Either drag the image into the upload box or click BROWSE to select from your computer.
  4. Once the image displays inside the upload box, you're done. You can close the modal by clicking off of it or on the purple X in the top right corner.
    NOTE: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SVG image formats are supported.

Add Listing Criteria

  1. This information includes the place of origin, varietal, container size, and alcohol level.
  2. The TTB COLA Label ID (typically a 14-digit number) must be entered here.
    NOTE: If a product is under 7% alcohol or if you don't have a COLA yet, enter 1234 as it will not have a TTB number.
    NOTE: Do not list a product that has not yet received an approved COLA. All products are subject to approval prior to them going live on the site. This usually takes less than four hours.
  3. If you use SKUs to identify products, enter them at this point. When using a fulfillment facility, you will need to enter a SKU that matches those used at the fulfillment facility.
  4. If your product has a UPC barcode, enter the numeric value of the barcode in the UPC field. 13-digit barcodes as expected, zeros will be added to the beginning of the barcode to ensure it is 13 digits.

Add Pricing Information

  1. MSRP per Bottle
    The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. If the MSRP is greater than the consumer price, the MSRP will appear crossed out.
  2. Consumer Price per Bottle
    The price for the product listed on your site.
  3. Allocation to Vinoshipper
    The number of items available for sale.
  4. Sell in Increments of
    The increments by which this product can be added to the cart. This setting does not impact orders placed through the 'Place an Order' feature.
  5. Product Minimum and Maximum
    The minimum and maximum number of products a customer can purchase.
  6. Hide when Sold Out
    If checked, the product will be hidden when sold out. If unchecked the product will stay visible and will say "Sold Out".
  7. Hide on Default Catalog
    If checked, the wine is only available through ‘Place an Order’ or a custom catalog.
  8. Exclude from Discounts
    If checked, any discounts you've created will not apply to this product.

Submit the Product

Click SUBMIT to list the product.

Adding Other Products

To learn how to add the following products:

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  2. Non-Alcohol

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