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Packaging for Shipping Wine Products - General Information, Rules, and Contacts

The Packaging

  1. Carrier (UPS) approved packaging is required.
  2. For wine, this includes the outer box as well as an inner container (shipper).
  3. The shipper is formed to the average bottle size and cradles individual bottles. Some are individual slots with corners that fold in to hold each bottle in place.
  4. When purchasing boxes and shippers, the seller should tell you which boxes are carrier approved.
  5. The shipper insert can be made of Styrofoam, plastic, pulp, or cardboard.

Packaging by Bottle Quantity

Vinoshipper automatically estimates the box and shipping labels in the following sizes. Shipping costs & labels are calculated based on these numbers.

  1. 12-pack case — ships 7 – 12 bottles
  2. 6-pack case — ships 4 – 6 bottles
  3. 3-pack case — ships 1 – 3 bottles
  4. 2-pack case — ships 1 or 2 bottles
  5. 1-pack case — ships 1 bottle

Which Ones Should I Use?

  1. We suggest you use the 12, 6, 3, & 1 bottle packages.
  2. Using a 3-pack box for shipping 2 & 3 bottle orders will reduce the number of boxes you need to buy and store.
  3. When shipping 2 bottles of wine in a 3 pack, fill the empty space with paper. This will limit the movement of the bottles. If you are using Styrofoam then nothing extra is needed in the box as the “empty” containers are the filling.

Knowledge is Power

Here are some resources for packaging options and prices.

Additional Information

  • We know that some customers are adamant about not using Styrofoam and want to you use pulp recycled only.
  • Styrofoam has given the best protection to wine being shipped, but the pulp products are getting much better.
  • Again, you must use carrier approved packaging. This way, if there's any damage during transit the packaging cannot be blamed.

Other Resources