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Process Multiple Orders - Batch Printing

You can also process multiple orders at one time.
On the Order List page, click on the PRINT LABELS button at the top of the page. This will let you print open pick-up orders, open deliveries, or open UPS shipments.

  • Print Open Pick Ups
    Print labels for all open orders that your customers will pick up.
  • Print Open Deliveries
    Print labels for all open local delivery orders.
  • Print Open UPS Shipments
    Print labels for the first 50 open orders that will be shipped by UPS.

Once you select an order type to batch print, a window will open confirming your choice. A message will display if you don't have any open orders for the type you selected.

  1. Select the button to confirm you want to batch process the selected orders.
  2. Once confirmed, a document will start compiling for all the orders selected.
  3. Packing slips will be compiled if you're processing pick-up orders or deliveries.
  4. Shipping labels and packing slips will be compiled if you're processing UPS shipments.
  5. When the documents are done building, you will be presented with a download button.
  6. Select the button to download the file, open it, and begin printing.

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