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Vinoshipper can, at no charge, import your existing club members.

Existing Club Members

  1. Complete the attached form.
  2. Add your clubs to your Vinoshipper account.
  3. Send us the excel sheet.

Processing Your Club in Another System?

If you process your club through another system, you should still import your club members into Vinoshipper. By doing so, club members will be recognized by their email address when they shop online and get their club member discount at checkout.

  1. Use the same attached sheet.
  2. Club member information required:
    • First & last name
    • Email address
    • Club in which they participate

NOTE: The ID is the customer ID in the previous application (VineSpring, WineDirect, VinNOW, Vin65, OrderPort, Xudle, etc). We always try to capture it. In addition to being useful for card imports, it makes it much easier to troubleshoot if we have any issues with importing.

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