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Go to Customers

Go to Add Customer

  1. Enter the customer's email address and information. Click CONTINUE.
    NOTE: If the email address is already associated with an existing customer on your Customer List, click the link to update the existing customer.
  2. Go to the customer's CLUBS tab.
  3. Click ADD TO CLUB.
  4. Select the club you would like to add the customer to and click NEXT.
  5. Select the customer's release preference (whether the member would like to pick up their club orders or have them shipped) and the shipping address they would like to use for this club membership. Click ADD TO CLUB.
    NOTE: Shipping address is requested even if the member would like to pick up orders. This shipping address is collected in case you want to ship an order to the member that they are unable to pick up.
  6. The customer is added to the club and the new club membership appears on the customer's CLUBS tab. If the customer has multiple club memberships, the memberships appear sorted by Member Since date with the membership with the most recent Member Since date appearing at the top of the list.
  7. Go to the PROFILE & CREDIT CARD tab and enter the member’s credit card information.

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