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Add a New Product

  1. Go to the PRODUCTS and select PRODUCT LIST.
  2. Click +NEW PRODUCT and select NON-ALCOHOL.
  3. Enter all product details.
    1. Hide on default catalog: will only show in selected catalog, not the default.
    2. Ships in its own box: check if the product will always ship in a box by itself, no matter what else is in the order.
    3. Product name, SKU, category, and brand (if applicable)
    4. UPC (if applicable) : the code associated with a barcode, allowing you to scan the item using the mobile app
    5. Product image
    6. Product descriptions
  4. Fill in all pricing and quantity details.
  5. Complete the packaging section.
    1. Bottle slots: how many bottle slots this product will take up. This is used to calculate the number of items per order so you are given the correct number of shipping labels.
      Ex: A sweatshirt could be 4 bottle slots but a bottle opener may only be 1/10.
  6. Click Save.

Items with multiple sizes and/or colors

In order to have multiple sizes, colors, etc of a non-alcohol product, you will need to create a new item for each version.

When adding the products to your site, you will have each product listed individually, or you can use the "add to cart" button to create a custom look. If using the "add to cart" method, you will still have an "add to cart" button for each size or color but would avoid repeating images.

Customized example:

Collateral Materials

The collateral product category can be used to track the addition of complementary products, such as marketing collateral, as part of your customer orders. They are especially useful when shipping via a fulfillment facility where you can add the items to ensure they are included with club or multi-pack offerings.

NOTE: Collateral products are not charged a Vinoshipper fee as they have no sales value.

Shipping on Additional Products

How do you account for shipping on additional products that can be included within the shipping box or that ship separately in their own separate box?

  1. When setting up a new non-alcohol product you are asked how many BOTTLE SLOTS the item would take and its weight.
  2. This is used to determine the packaging needs.
  3. For example, a corkscrew or can-cozy may be zero bottle slots and maybe even zero weight as each takes up no additional room in a box.
    1. When zero bottle slots are selected, an additional option will be presented asking you to specify if shipping should be charged when the item is sold alone.
  4. If it is an item that has to be shipped separately (in its own box), there is a checkbox "Ships in its own box".