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NOTE: Inventory for a pack is not based upon the number of available packs. It is based upon your account having available inventory of each individual item within the pack. Meaning, if 1 item in the pack has zero inventory, the pack will not be available to sell, even if you say you have packs available.

  1. Review & Add the Individual Products to Your Account, that will make up the Pack
    1. Add the individual products to your account which will be included in the PACK.
      1. Some items may be exclusive to the PACK order. In such a case, you can add the individual item and select "Hide on Default Cart".
    2. Add the quantity of inventory for sale, for each product.
  2. Create the Multi-Pack
    1. Go to the PRODUCTS tab and select PRODUCT LIST
    2. Click +NEW PRODUCT, then select MULTI-PACKIMPORTANT
      If you want each pack to ship as a single package, i.e. one pack per shipping label, you need to make the whole pack equate to 12 bottle slots. (You can use the basket to use the extra bottle slots.)
  3. Complete the Following Details
    1. Product Name
    2. SKU - This will be the Kit SKU provided to the fulfillment facility, or your internal code informing the warehouse which items go into this Multi Pack. If you do not have one, you can leave this blank.
    3. Category – Select MULTI-PACK
    4. Image & Description - Add an image and description for the Multi-Pack.

      NOTE:  If items in the package are not sold separately (outside of the multi-pack), and you do not want these items showing up in the shopping cart, select HIDE ON DEFAULT CART.
  4. Inventory
    1. Set Inventory - Add the number of packs available.
  5. Adding Items to the Pack
    1. Click ADD PRODUCT (a list of available items that you can add to the Pack will display).
    2. Select each item you want to be included in the pack.
    3. As items are added, adjust the quantity and price of each item in the pack.
    4. Continue until all items have been added to the pack.
    5. Check and change any individual item (unit) price until the price of the pack is correct.


Description automatically generated with low confidence
  6. Saving a Multi Pack: Click SAVE when all the items have been added and the total price is correct.
  7. Editing a Multi Pack: You can edit all packs and archive them as needed.