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Add a Release

  1. Go to CLUBS and select CLUB LIST.
  2. Find the club you want to create a release for.
  3. Click NEW RELEASE.
  4. Release Name: Add the name of the release - usually starting with the year. e.g. 2020 Spring Case Club
  5. Release Description: Enter a description of the club - this will display in the email to the club members. Consider mentioning SAVE THE DATE, or you are happy to share the new selections.
  6. Release Date: Add the date you plan to process payment for the club release.
  7. Pick Up Date: Add the date you plan to allow members to start picking up their orders or the date of the release party.
  8. Allow Customers to Customize their orders: Select this option, if you wish.
    1. Deadline for Customization: Enter the date by which you want members to respond with changes
    2. Minimum dollar value (optional): If you have a minimum dollar amount for the release, enter that here.
    3. Minimum bottle quantity (optional): If you have a minimum bottle quantity, enter that here.

      For more information on customizing orders for club releases, click here.

  9. Add products to the release.
    1. Club Manager's Selection: The planned products that are offered to all Club Members for this particular release. Learn more.
    2. Optional Add-Ons: The products a Club Member can either replace or add to the planned release. This option only appears if the option is selected to allow customers to customize their orders. Learn more.
  10. Add discounts to the release, if you wish.
  11. Set the packaging options for the release. Learn more.
  12. Set the shipping options for the release. Learn more.
  13. Enter a Gift Note and/or Special Instructions for the Winery, if you wish.
  14. Click CREATE ORDERS.
  15. The release details screen appears.
    1. An Unpaid order is created for each club membership that does not have a hold OR that has a hold with a timespan that does not includes the release's release date.
    2. A Cancelled order is created for each club member that has a hold on their membership with a timespan that includes the release's release date.

Club Release Process

The four stages of a club release are displayed with the icons below. You can click on each icon to navigate to different stages.

Product Summary of Release

This shows the actual products in the release as well as any optional items you have offered in the release.

NOTE: This is the first of two places to check to make sure you have the order correctly as you wish. You can also choose to EDIT the order from here. If you EDIT the order, all unpaid orders will be adjusted.

Inventory Required to Support the Release

To find the inventory that is required to support the current release as defined, select the button labeled "REQUIRED INVENTORY" and the Inventory Allocated for the release will display.

Club Release Description

NOTE: This is the second of two places to check to make sure you have the order correctly as you wish.
You can also choose to EDIT the order from here. If you EDIT the order, all unpaid orders will be adjusted.

Please check the following:

  1. Product Discount
  2. Shipping Discount
  3. Shipping Class
  4. Packaging Charge
  5. Packaging for Pickup Orders


  1. Due Date for Club Member changes (for example: customer customization)
  2. Pickup Start Date
  3. Release Date - The date you plan to process payment
  4. Release Closed - If the release is closed, then the date will display here


  1. Allowed - you set whether customizations are allowed or not
  2. Minimum Order Value - can be set to N/A (not applicable)
  3. Minimum Order Quantity


  1. Items Excluded from Discounts - this is where items are displayed that you have chosen to have excluded from the club release discount

If any of the above items are not correct, please EDIT the release to your liking.

Announce the Release, Enable Members to Update and Customize

  1. Email to Members
    This email will announce the items in the release and provide each member a way to:
    1. Update their club profile information (addresses, telephone numbers, emails, payment information, etc.)
    2. Inform them of what is in the release
    3. Allow them to EDIT and make their selections (if any are provided)
    4. Informs them of the deadline by which their changes must be completed.
      NOTE: Parts of this email can be edited!
  2. Edit the Content of the Email:
    Three sections of the email may be edited by you. The sections are:
    1. Subject line
    2. Greeting
    3. Conclusion
  3. Select the EMAIL MEMBER icon

For information on PACKAGING for releases, click here.
For information on SHIPPING for releases, click here.

Confirm the Release Processes Correctly

Before you process payments, we recommend you run a single order to ensure the results of the release after discounts, shipping, etc. is exactly what you expected. To learn more, click here.

Other Resources