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A customized release allows you, as the producer, to mark manager selection items as customizable meaning members can change quantities. It also allows for optional products to be added.

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Create a Release

  1. Go to CLUBS.
  2. Click RELEASES (you can also go to Club List and then click +New Release).
  3. Click NEW RELEASE.

Complete each section

  • Release Name Tip: Use something identifiable like “August 2021 Founders Release”.
  • Release Description: Can be used to describe what items are in the release.
  • Release Date: The date you are going to process the order.
  • Pick Up Date: If you are planning a pickup date, enter it here.
  • Customize Club Release: see below…

Order Customization for Club Release

Vinoshipper has added the ability for you to let your club members customize their orders.
If you want to allow your members to be able to select all or some of your wines for the club release, you can turn this feature on by checking the box ALLOW ORDER CUSTOMIZATIONS when creating a club release.

NOTE: You can also turn this feature on later by clicking EDIT RELEASE on the Release Summary page and checking the box to ALLOW ORDER CUSTOMIZATIONS.

Setting up Order Customization

If you select “Allow Members to Customize Order” you will see the following:

Once selected, you can set the following values:

  • Deadline for Order Customizations (required)
    The last day a customer can customize their order. This can be the same day as the RELEASE DATE, but no later.

    Example: If the Release Date is 8/28/2021, then the Deadline for ORDER CUSTOMIZATIONS can be no later than 8/28/2021.

  • Minimum Order Value  (optional)
    When set, this will be the lowest dollar value a club order can be after a member makes changes.
  • Minimum Order Quantity  (optional)
    When set, this will be the fewest number of bottles a club order can have after a member makes changes.

Adding Products

Club Manager's Selection
The planned products that are offered to all Club Members for this particular release. Learn more.

Optional Add-Ons
The products a Club Member can either replace or add to the planned release. Learn more.

For information on PACKAGING for releases, click here.
For information on SHIPPING for releases, click here.

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