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Vinoshipper offers several tools to help you engage and communicate with customers. Email communication is an important tool to keep customers up-to-date with information about products, events, club status, and shipment progress. Emails are a wonderful way to remind customers why they love you! When they read your emails, it will remind them about when they visited your property or when they shared their favorite bottle (or can) with a friend. Remind customers that they can have their favorite beverage delivered right to their front door!


  1. Build relationships with customers.
  2. Promote brands and products.
  3. Stay relevant and visible to customers.
  4. Convey important information.
  5. Make more sales!

Tips & Tricks

  • Send the right message to the right people. Segment your lists to what people are most likely to open. Create distribution lists so you are sending out the right information to customers – things they have shown interest in or purchased in the past. This will reduce your unsubscribe rate and increase your open rate.
  • Speak in the voice of the brand. Make sure your emails have the same tone as your website. Keep your emails as authentic and close to real life communication as possible. Keeping your tone lighter will keep the customers' attention longer.
  • Use enticing subject lines. This is the first thing they will see, and they will decide if they want to open your email or not. Let people know why you are emailing and use keywords like wine, cider, sale, event, etc.
  • Keep it short & sweet. If it takes longer than a minute to read or looks like there are too many words, your email will go straight to the trash. Have a clear message and tell them what you want to convey quickly. You don’t want customers to get distracted while reading your email.
  • Consider how it looks on mobile. More than 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. If your email doesn’t format correctly, people will move on. Keep paragraphs short, use a clear font, and include all the information needed instead of adding attachments.

Vinoshipper Email Templates

There are several automatic email templates that you can customize. We suggest updating these frequently, so they are relevant and up-to-date. You can even use them as mini newsletters letting customers know about upcoming events, releases, or teasers. For most of our emails, you can change the subject line, greeting, and conclusion.

  • General Email Templates: Order confirmation
  • Club Email Templates: Welcome email, Profile update, Customize club order, Club order confirmation, Club processing issues, Club membership on hold

Email Template help documentation:

Mailchimp Integration

Vinoshipper integrates with your existing Mailchimp account. If you don’t have a Mailchimp account, opening one up is very easy. Mailchimp allows you to send emails, manage subscribers, track campaigns, and a lot more. There are preset email templates or you can customize your own.

Ideas for email campaigns:

  • Newsletter: The customers signed up to receive information from you and a newsletter is a great way to build excitement and increase engagement. You live the brand everyday of your life – let customers behind the scenes and give them an inside peek into what you do. You can share recipes, funny stories, videos from the production process, food pairing suggestions, or even your favorite Spotify or Pandora playlist. Keep the conversation alive with updates from you and pictures of your property and products.
  • New products: This could be a new vintage, new size, or new product. Tell customers how excited you are about the new product and how they can purchase it.
  • Product sales: Everyone loves a sale! Sales can include a product discount and/or a shipping discount. Consider offering your sales for a limited time only to create an urgency to purchase now.
  • Special Occasions: Birthday, anniversary, graduation – let customers know you are thinking of them and celebrating their special occasion. If you want, you can add a special promotion but don’t feel like you must. Sometimes just saying “Cheers to you!” is enough.
  • Re-Engagement: Don’t forget about the customers that used to be club members and frequent purchases. They loved you once, they can love you again! Reach out to past club members and invite them to be a club member for a day again or offer them a reason to rejoin. Sometimes their situation made them leave your club but they are ready to join again and just need an invitation to do so.

Connecting your Vinoshipper account to Mailchimp: