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Welcome to Vinoshipper! We look forward to working with you to expand sales across the country. Below is a quick check list for new accounts to get you started. This list is only a quick snapshot of the numerous tools we have to offer. You can find detailed instructions for all our features in the Knowledge Base.

Setting up Your Profile

Now that your account is active, let’s check to make sure your profile information is correct. This is where you can update your account details (logo, phone number, website), see which states are available to ship-to and update your direct deposit information.

Setting Up Profile

Creating and Listing Products

Setup and manage your different product offerings. You can setup products for wine, multi packs, and non-alcohol (merchandise) products. All products with an alcohol of 7% or over require a COLA for approval. Approval of products can take up to 24 hours.

Adding a New Product 

Product Resources

Customize Your Automatic Emails

Customize your automatic system email template for new orders, club sign-up, and club releases. These emails are a great way to market your brand to your customers and share your story with them.

Email Templates

Online Shopping Cart Integration

Sell your products online! Adding the shopping cart to your website takes just a few minutes. We have two different options for shopping carts: Products List and Add to Cart Button. The Products List code is a completely integrated basic shopping cart that can be pasted anywhere on your website. The Add to Cart Button is code that will add just the “ADD TO CART” button to your site. This option is best if you would like full control and customization of the cart layout. This option will require an understanding of HTML and basic programming.

Integration Steps


Assign who on your team gets email notifications for new orders, low inventory, payments, and more. It is important to keep this section up to date as this is our primary way of contacting you.

Set Up Notifications 

Placing an Order from the Admin Panel

Once your account has products listed and approved, you can place your first order! When new orders are placed, the team member(s) that you designated in Notifications will get an email alert. It is now time to review and ship out your order.

Place An Order

Process A New Order

Other Tools Available

We have several other tools to help you grow your business. Instructions about these features can be found in the Knowledge Base as well as online classes. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know. We are always working on improving our platform.

Club Programs: Clubs are an excellent way to engage with your most loyal customers and grow your business. Our club tool allows you to set up reoccurring club releases (shipments), allow for custom club orders, process club orders, and manage club memberships.

Reporting: All of the reports you need with the click of a button. Abandoned carts, top customers, discounts, taxes, and so much more. All of our reports can be easily downloaded in .xlxs format for easy managing and analysis.

Group Gifting & Batch Imports: This feature allows one buyer to send multiple orders to a group of people. A “batch” is considered an order going to 10 or more recipients paid for by the same person.

If you have any questions during your account setup, please review the help section in our Knowledge Base or send an email to We also offer complimentary online classes. This is a great way to learn more about the tools that we offer and get live help.